Guess What's Being Produced?

Can you guess what isbeing produced on this picture? The hint is that he is working in Butan.

Fibrous mass on the foreground are reed stems - the raw material for paper production. The stems are boiled out in cauldrons till they become viscous mass. Then this cellulose jumble gets split into finer fibres with the help of a wooden beetle.

The reed looks like spaghetti. These woman are separating the fibres.

Separated fibres get loaded into a vat filled with water and petals. The woman holds a mat in her hands with the help of which she scoops the reed. Petals are added more of aestheric purposes cause fragments of field flowers in paper looks very beautiful.

After 30 seconds water flows down leaving thin layer of strange mass.

Paper blanks are piled one onto another for several hours till they dry up.

During brakes everyone has some fun.

Paper with just flowers is considered boring so local craftsmen create entire patterns with leaves and twigs.

Final stage. Paper is hanged over cast iron dryer. Then colorful traditional pictures are drawn on it.

The very final product.
via dima-chatrov


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