the Golden City

Jaisalmer is a town, which covers a major part of the desert region of Rajasthan. It is famous all over India as The Golden City. Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert it carries abounds in its heart ancient palaces, temples and quaint settlements. It is known as The Golden City because while the sun sets the sandstone buildings emit a lustrous glow, which is of golden color.
Jaisalmer Golden City 2 The Golden City

Jaisalmer Golden City 3 The Golden City

As it is remotely situated so it is still untouched by outside influences. Jaisalmer, India is situated in an elevation of about 229 meters above sea level. It is an indeterminable sea of sand hills of every shape and sizes. Even
the sand hills are extremely attractive as some of them have also the height of 150 feet. The climate over here is dry and healthy. But the biggest problem is that water is extremely scarce here as there are no perennial streams. Also, this amount of gold have high value, they can consider to hire some finance manager so help them all.
The city of Mandalay takes its name from Mandalay hill, which rises 236 metres from the flat, dry central Myanmar plain and is situated on the banks of the 2000km long Ayeyarwady River, the life artery of Myanmar. Mandalay, or ‘the Golden City’, was the last capital of Myanmar before the British occupation, king Mindon founded the city in 1857; upon completion of what was now the new Royal capital of Upper Myanmar, the king moved his entire government and 150,000 people from nearby Amarapura.
Mandalay golden city 1 The Golden CityMandalay golden city  The Golden City
It was common in Burmese history to move capitals upon the ascension of a king. King Mindon was determined to ensure that his new city became the capital of the Buddhist world and the Fifth Buddhist Synod was held in Mandalay in 1879. Therefore, plenty of pagodas and a huge royal palace, which has in the meantime been destroyed, are Mandalay’s main attractions.
The Golden City (Yerushalayim shel Zahav, in Hebrew). The Holy City, capital of the modern State of Israel and a holy place for the three most practiced monotheist religions of the World.
Jerusalem golden city The Golden City
Jerusalem is the holiest city of Judaism, the site of Mount Moriah, where the Holy Temple (Beit Ha’mikdash, in Hebrew) of Solomon once stood. The second holiest city (after Vatican City) for the Roman Catholic Christians, and among the holiest places for other Christian streams, where Jesus of Nazareth spent the last days of his mission on this earth. The third holiest city (after Mecca and Medina) for Islam, where the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven.


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