40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Here’s our guide to the top 40 blood-bathing roads that even the best driver would want to avoid and the deadly routes where tonnes of accidents have happened. Do check them out and, more importantly, avoid them at all costs!
1. Road of Death - Bolivia
1 Bolivia%27s%2BRoad%2Bof%2BDeath 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
North Yungas Road or Bolivia’s Road of Death, which is 70 km and almost 3,600 meters down to narrow curves, is widely accepted as the most dangerous road in the world. The narrow road with the fog and vapours have taken many drivers’ lives. Instead of shrieking while passing this mortal road, you’d better concentrate on how to survive in such a nail-biting driving scenario.
2. Siberian Road to Yakutsk – Russia
2 Russian%2BSiberian%2BRoad%2Bto%2BYakutsk 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World The Siberian Road is the only road available to Yakutsk City, Russia. People have no choice but take risk if it would take them five hours rather than a few days to pass the road after the rain. The road gets paralysed and
it’s an absolute disaster when people are in a chaos seeking warm clothes and food while being stuck in a 100-km long car line-ups. One woman has even given birth to a baby on a bus wallowing in the mud.
3. Georgian Military Road - Russia
3 Russian Georgian%2BMilitary%2BMountain%2BRoads 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The 220-kilometres long Georgian Military Road runs between Tbilisi (Georgia) and Vladikavkaz (Russia). The road was started by Russian military in 1799 and completed in 1863. The Georgian Military Road was a major cause of the fight between Russian troops and Caucasian mountaineers in 19th century.
4. Nepal, Tibet & Bangladesh Roads
4 %2BNepal%2BTibet%2Bn%2BBangladesh%2BRoads 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Believe it or not but there’s no road going straight to Everest Base Camp, so you have to walk for miles to get there. However, you will never have the second chance to drive along this road if you ever underestimate it. Try best to control your car as the snowy road is not as easy to drive on as it looks.
5.Guoliang Tunnel Road - China
5 Magnificient%2BGuoliang%2BTunnel%2BRoad 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Guoliang Tunnel Road is pretty freaky with its 30 windows of various sizes and shapes. The road is not as deadly as Bolivian Yungas Road but is spooky enough when you look down the bottomless cavity and also those weird rocks hanging from above the cliff.
6.Taroko Gorge Road - Taiwan
6 Taroko%2BGorge%2BRoad 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
You might not be petrified by turns and switchbacks, but your life is still hung by a thread. Despite its beautiful panoramic view, Taroko Gorge Road can take your breath away and you might even need to observe a view of grave instead. You should be thanking God if you are still alive after the drive on this scary road.
7.Pasubio (Vicenza)- Italy
7 Pasubio%2B%28Vicenza%29 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Pasubio is Italian ancient road which was converted to a hiking trail for mountain bike lovers due to its scary tunnels, hair-raising cliff and splendid scenic views. If you are too much into speed craze and even take your eye out of the road, bear in mind your life is at maximum risk.
8. Grimsel Pass - Switzerland
8 Grimsel%2BPass 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Grimsel Pass doesn’t offer much of danger but it’s dubbed one of the world’s most insane roads. Unless you are as good as Lewis Hamilton at handling sharp corners, do not ever try speeding or you will end up paying the heavy price.
9.Old road over Saint Gothard Pass - Switzerland
9 Old%2Broad%2Bover%2BSaint%2BGothard%2BPass 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
If you are nuts enough to race at the old road over Saint Gothard Pass, make sure you are covered by some sort of life assurance policy. Though it’s not much of a deadly road, you might like to stay away from it whenever possible.
10. Splugen Pass - Italy
10 Splugen%2BPass 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Splugen Pass, a high mountain pass and a boundary between the Lepontine and Rhaaetian Alps, is not very thrilling but great fun, you can even enjoy the breathtaking experience of it. However, be warned, you should have real guts to go on this road.
11.Trollstigen road - Norway

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Trollstigen road, a very narrow road in Romsdal County, Rauma region, Norway, has frequent rockfalls on it. Some scary thought!.
12. Lysebotn Road - Norway
12 Lysebotn%2BRoad 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
If you aren’t intimidated by the many accidents on Lysebotn Road, Lysefjord, Norway, the road should be real fun to drive on. The road is 1.1 km long tunnel and consists 27 switchbacks including three inside the tunnel.
13. Los Caracoles Pass- between Chile and Argentina
13 Los%2BCaracoles%2BPass 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Los Caracoles Pass, a very steep road and a mountain pass between Chile and Argentina, features a countless tough twists among the drought most of the year. If you even feel sick just watching the road, you know it’s not where you car belongs!
14. The Skippers Canyon Road - New Zealand
14 the skippers canyon road 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The skippers Canyon Road is unbelievably scary as it’s totally narrow and different to manouvre your car. A possibility of two cars to pass each other is zero. The road requests a lot of concentration or else …
15. Sichuan-Tibet Highway - China
15 Sichuan Tibet%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Make sure you get your vehicle and yourself well-prepared before driving on Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a high-elevation road between Chengdu and Tibet. Rocks avalanches and landslides are not uncommon on this rough road.
16. Pan American Highway - Costa Rica
16 Pan%2BAmerican%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Pan American Highway is nicknamed Hill of Death and has drastic insane portions. It’s the stretch from San Isidro de El General to Cartago and is filled with steep curves and potholes.
17. Cotopaxi Volcan road - Ecuador
17 Cotopaxi%2BVolcan%2Broad 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
A 25-mile Cotopaxi Volcan road leads to the Cotopaxi National Park entrance by crossing a swift quickly-moving steam. Watch every single second you take at the road, or you would never reach the National Park.
18.Highway 1 - Mexico
18 %2BHighway%2B1 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
With the lack of shoulders, guard rails and deficient road signs, Highway 1, the road from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas is extremely dangerous indeed.
19. Highway 21 - South of St. Louis, United States
19 Highway%2B21 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The winding 2-lane stretch, Highway 21, is truly deadly with 31 casualties since 1991. The sign “Caution: Driving Blood Alley” has been put by a father of a 19-year-old kid who died in the accident here. Highway 21 always gets flooded which makes it doubly dangerous.
20.U.S. Route 431, between Seale and Eufaula, Alabama- United States
20 U.S.%2BRoute%2B431 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The road, regarded as ‘Highway to Hell’, has claimed a worrying number of accident victims since 1985. Thirty seven white crosses have been placed along the road, representing a memory of lost lives. Sixty kids were killed in a bus-track crash last year but the road is still frequented by local school buses.
21. State Route 138, east of Palmdale - California, United States
21 State%2BRoute%2B138 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Fifty six people have been killed on a 38-mile stretch of State Route 138 over the past five years. Commuters and other vehicles are at high risk with this non-guardrail road, especially on one particular spot that is as high as 50-foot drop.
22.U.S. Route 6 - California, United States
22 U.S.%2BRoute%2B6 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The mother of an accident victim killed in a 1998 collision on “Suicide Six” on the 60-year-old U.S. Route 6 has been battling for the road to be widened in order to prevent further fatalities. One former state trooper even says, “I’ve seen every mile of highway in Rhode Island. Without any doubt, the three miles of Route 6 just before it enters Connecticut are the most dangerous.”
23. U.S. Route 6, between Price and Spanish Fork - Utah, United States

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A woman who lost her mother in an accident on Route 6 is trying to have the road developed after her friend died in a wreck 28 years after the woman’s mother passed away at almost the same spot - a narrow stretch down to a canyon.
24.The Halsema Highway - The Philippines
24 The%2BHalsema%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The 150-mile Halsema Highway, which runs through the Central Cordillera Valley on the island of Luzon, is known for mud slides, over-limited driving buses on a narrow path ands and rock slides and is almost impassable in the rainy season. There happens a lot of accidents every year thanks to over 1000-foot drop offs with no guardrail.
25.The Barton Highway - Australia
25 the%2BBarton%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The Barton Highway is considered the most deadly highway in Australia and has been a hot spot for countless accidents. It is supported by the frightening statistics of over 110 crashes, 11 fatalities and some 100 injured since 2001.
26. Brisbane Valley Highway - Australia
26.%2BBrisbane%2BValley%2BHwy 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
27 Bruce%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Bruce Highway between Innisfail and Cairns is rated as one of the riskiest sections of highway in the country and $2 billion is requested to improve the road. RACQ spokesman Gary Fites says “You are more likely to have a crash on this stretch of the highway than any other section of the national network anywhere in Australia”.
28.D’Aguilar Highway- Australia
28 D%27Aguilar%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
D’Aguilar Highway, which links the Bruce Highway near Caboolture with Kingaroy in Queensland, used to be temporarily closed when a woman was hurt in a vehicle traffic incident. This two-lane highway from Caboolture to Woodford and sections further along towards Yarraman is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the country.
29. The Gillies Highway - Australia
29 Gillies%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The Gillies Highway, which is well-known for its 200 corners in the 20 km road, has caused several tragedies. One of the worst accident killed 6 children. The kids were not carried by a school bus but a normal bus carrying them on a ’school trip’.
30. Captain Cook Highway - Australia
30 Captain%2BCook%2BHighway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Despite the fact that the Captain Cook Highway is a short Queensland highway and also one of the most popular routes in Australia used by lots of tourists, the highway is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in the country.
31. A682 - England
31 A682 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A682 between junction 13 of the M65 and Long Preston is the worst road in England as it has claimed almost 100 fatalities over the last ten years. Dr Joanne Hill, who headed the research, said “The A682 falls on every collision type - junction and access road crashes, collisions with rigid roadside objects, overtaking crashes. Pedestrian and cyclist collisions and motorcycle crashes.”
“The death-toll on this stretch of the road is the equivalent of five major rail crashes within 10 years”, said the doctor.
32. A54 - England
32 A54 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A54 road links Chester in Cheshire with Buxton in Derbyshire. According to a report done by the Road Safety Foundation for the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) Congleton to Buxton, Derbyshire is considered the second dangerous road in England.
33. A683 - England
33 A683 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A683 is ranked at number three in the top 10 worst roads in England. The section, from junction 34 on the M6 to Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, is unfortunately the most dangerous spot.
34. A62 - England
34 A62 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A62 is a main road in England, linking between Manchester and Leeds. Especially, the A62 from Diggle to Huddersfield, Yorkshire, is the most dangerous and rated as the fourth worst road in England.
35. A1079 - England
35 A1079 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A1079 is a major road in England and links the cities of York and Kingston upon Hill and is really infamous for its dan
ger, particularly the A1079 from Market Weighton to Kingston upon Hull which is named the seventh dangerous road in England. Two thirds of the serious collisions claimed by EuroRAP happened in Hull.
36. The Southern State Parkway - New York, United States
36 The%2BSouthern%2BState%2BParkway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The Southern State Parkway has been labelled by the State Department of Transportation as the most dangerous state road on Long Island. To compare with other state roads in New York, half of the 10 worst-rated spots was found on The Southern State Parkway the Southern State Parkway.
37.Route 110- New York, United States
37 route 110 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The Route 110 just north of the Southern State and south of Main Street in Farmingdale has been described as one of the most dangerous spots in Long Island’s state routes. The road saw 68 accidents with two fatalities and many injuries over the last two years.
38. Route 12 - New York, United States
38 Route%2B112 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
Route 112 just north of the Long Island Expressway in Medford has also been in the list of the most dangerous roads. The list is supported by 41 accidents with one accident victim.
39. A77 - Scotland
39 A77 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A77, a road in South-West Scotland, is rated in the most 30 dangerous roads in the world. The road runs from Prestwick to Glasglow and has speed camera on a 28-mile stretch.
40. A726 - Scotland
40 A726 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World
The A726, which is only four miles long, has been labeled by the Road Safety Foundation’s European Road Assessment Programme as Scotland’s most dangerous road. The statistics have showed over 40 fatal collisions over the past 8 years.
Some seriously scary roads to drive on, aren’t they? If you think you know of a scarier, more dangerous road we’ve got on the list, why don’t you share it with the rest of us, thanks!

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