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If you came to Bordeaux, you just have to visit the local wineries. Most of them may be visited absolutely free but the excursion is better be planned beforehand. If you decide to stay for sampling you'll be asked to pay 5-10 euros.

Chateau Margaux. According to the official classification of Bardeaux wines dated 1855 it is included in the category of the First Grand Cru, i.e. the highest category in the classification. It's also included in the first five best producers of Bardeaux.

In August the place is closed for visitors.

But the production space may be seen.

Empty bottles have been brought.

Pavillon Rouge boxes - "the second" red wine of the winery. The main and "the first" is Chateau Margauх.
The wine is highly expensive.

Margaux district scheme shows what class some chateau is related to. The first is Chateau Margauх only.

The next stop - Cantenac-Brane - the third class.

Chateau Giscours - the 3rd class

Prieure-Lichine - the forth class.

Here Japanese tourists seemed to be awaited. See the flag?

The place from where an excursion starts: you are told about various sorts of grapes, the history of this place, about the fact that Chateau is not "the household" but the ground where grapes grow.

Production space, in these reservoirs grapes ferment.

From inside, the coil pipe creates ideal temperature.

Tuns are corked up with silicone corks but earlier they used to wrap them with sacking.

Sampling after the excursion

St Emilion

Here on the central square one may buy various sorts of Bordeaux wines, they also may be delivered anywhere in the world.

Young willow

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