Cote d'-Azur of Wonderful Nice

Let's see why Nice is one of the best city resorts.

Transparent sea

The most popular place in the city -  Promenade des Anglais.

Life is boiling in summer here

Cafe may be found in very unexpected places

Beautiful windows

The city sleeps neither in daytime nor at night.

Central square - Massena

Red roofs remind of Prague or Poland

The weather of Nice is said to be the best in summer and in winter!

Enough space for everyone!

Awesome bar

No France without eccentric boutiques!

Peple living in Nice are far from poor

Let's move to Monte-Carlo

Ideal men and women from Monaco

Neat and beautiful but not so vivid and emotional like in Nice.

Casino building


Little church

Monte Carlo is a city at the sea, but locals prefer swimming in pools...

Seashore becomes a parking space for yachts

And back to Nice again...

Sometimes dogs help their drunk owners return home.

Cannes - another victim of rich tourists.

Perfume factory

Such aggregates were used long ago - in the prewar time.

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