After Death In Zagreb

The central cemetery of Zagreb - is not just a place where the dead lie buried. The huge park behind the 5 meters fortified wall is a real art of the other world. Mirogoj is considered to be one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Local citizens come here just to walk and thousands of graves around do not embarass them at all.

The cemetery was built in 1876 on the ground that belonged to a famous Croatian poet Ljudevit Gaj. He was one of the creators of the literary Croatian language.
Earlier in Croatia there had been 7 different spellings and Gaj combined them into one.

When Ljudevit died on the territory that belonged to him there was started construction of a huge cemeterial complex with gates representing a big temple with an arcade. 

People of various nationalities and religions are buried here. Mirogoj has been an ordinary city cemetery for a long time. The architectural complex itself is made according to Catholic traditions.

You can't meet similar graves here, each is unique.

It is a European tradition - making beautiful graves for relatives. Every person is unique so a grave must be unique too.

Both odrinary people and celebrities are buried at the Mirogoj cemetery.

Walking here is very pleasant, you may hide from noise and think of eternal life.

Croats don't support cremation. There is a columbarium at the Mirogoj, however cremation is not the cheapest way to inter a person here, places in the columbarium are more expensive than square meters of soil.  

By the way, allegedly, here found the last shelter Frankenstein.

Opposite the Mirogoj there are some undertakings and a car wash with the name that speaks for itself.
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