Along the Maghrebian Paths

It's the place where grow almond and argan trees, but in fact it's hot and arid here. Dried stream canals, the air motionlessly hangs as heavy thick haze, stony terra-cotta beddings of the villages remind of the life, and all over it - dominates the Atlas - the large mountain system of north-west Africa. 

Flocks of sheep and goats are often met on the way.

Goats like argan leaves

Baking bread - the beginning of each morning for locals.

Despite the overall aridity sometimes oases may be met.

Prickly pear are abunndunt here free, but at the city market they are even sold.

Typical village with a mosque

Local "Ancient Rome", but something is already being built nearby.

Real African landscape

Various cacti

Tafraoute settlements

Maybe someone knows what bastion is that?

Mountains here are awesome!

Installation in the centre of Tafraoute

Portraits of king Mohammed V are following you everywhere.

Carpet shop

Some citizens spend all their days like this, even in the time of Ramadan.

Car like art

Tiznit town, the quite center

Typical Moroccan doors

And typical Moroccan windows

The city is famous for silver trade

Rooftops are used for drying linen.

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