Cute Finnish Eco Boutique

We are not even sure what is the most impressive thing about this boutique: what these things were made of, principles of their creators or the fact it can be profitable. Probably all this.

The Finnish company Ekodesign Ltd has been making fashionable clothes and accessories of ... old junk...

People will never stop buying clothes. Today they can buy clothes helping nature at the same time.

All goods are made of recycled materials - the world is full of fabrics with a long life-cycle and we all can make it even longer ...
For sewing they use fabric of old clothes brought to second-hand receivers. At that it is cut out in such a way to leave less waste. If some materials need to be bought - Finnish companies are preferred.

Models design is mostly classic in order the clothes could be used as long as possible. They all are made at home with use of wind units energy. 

For processing they use phosphates free detergents and the fabrics are painted only in the same colors - thus they decrease paint consumption for 90%.

You don't have a chance to find two similar things in the boutique. Linings only prove it.

Ekodesign uses only services of the companies that are situated not very far, often - in a two minutes walk. Things from post offices are delivered by bicycle or on foot. The company doesn't have a car on principle, they have even bought second-hand furniture following the principles of environmental responsibility.

These bright things were made of old dish-clothes!

Big can in such a cover becomes a wastebasket.

And these things were made of advertising banners of the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Buttons, suspenders, fabric - everything is old.

Your purchase will be put in a craft-bag made of recycled materials, of course.

Belts, shoes, insoles - everything is going to be used!
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