10 Most Smart Spree European Cities

The dollar may be weak against the euro, but that doesn’t mean the entire Continent is off-limits for those who enjoy luxury values and venturing beyond the old standbys of London and Paris. We’ve corralled ten smart spree European cities that constitute historic, cosmopolitan hot spots where you can still live like a 19th-century aristocrat without blowing the family fortune.
So here i have compiled for European travelers a list of most smart spree European cities. i hope it will help you in your tour.

In this Flemish port town, Old Masters coexists with avant-garde fashion designers, much the way expensive finery lives alongside excellent flea-market finds. Antwerp’s northern European cool rivals that of Copenhagen or Paris, without hitting their prices.

Barcelona has trendsetting cuisine, style, and nightlife, with lovely beaches for recovering from endless nights.  Stroll the food stalls at the new El Mercat de la Barceloneta and the 13th-century La Boqueria. You can visit Barcelona year-round, but spring and fall are nicest.

The city is known for its bustling energy, the ambitious work of the world’s best architects, a thriving art community, and a “we’re the coolest city in Europe” vibe. The vibrant scene in neighborhoods Mitte and Kreuzberg are famous for its wines and chic crowd. Best time to visit is from April to October.

Bologna is beautiful, porticoed city—home to the ancient and renowned university of Bologna—and arguably has Italy’s best food. it is well known for medieval art at the Civic Museum. Best time to visit the place is spring.

This city takes beauty seriously, from the ornate public baths to the architecture along the boulevards.
Don’t Miss a trip to Castle Hill, the picturesque area in the historic district, Buda. Modern Pest across the Danube is where you’ll find Andrassy Avenue, cafés, and the legendary Baraka .it’s best to visit in March–June and September–November.

It’s one of the more expensive cities in Europe. The city is compact enough to walk around, and many attractions, like the National Gallery, are free. Trinity College, the historic Palace Bar, and Hughes are some of the cool places to visit there. You can visit Dublin Year-round.

Lisbon is the cheapest capital in Western Europe. The dramatic hills and vistas here are best explored on foot and by tram. Lisbon’s most ambitious and dramatic restaurant is Eleven (restauranteleven.com), which offers gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. You can visit lisbon Year-round.

Ljubljana is a contender for “new Prague” status for its riverside location and energy. Native son Joze Plecnik designed much of the city’s best sites, including Triple Bridge and Central Market. Best time to visit the place is sping and summer.

Riga is the largest, most urbane Baltic capital, hopping with development, yet it remains quaint and easy to navigate. The stunning Art Nouveau–like Jugendstil architecture, especially in Old Town is one of the best places to visit here. May–September is the best visiting time, when it’s light throughout the night.

There’s grand architecture in upper Town and plentiful cafes in Lower Town, and the medieval hill towns above are beautiful. Though not full-fledged tourist destinations yet like Hvar or Zadar, Zagreb still feels like a find. You can visit Zagreb year around but spring, summer, fall are nicest.


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