10 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in France

Everyone who visits France talks about the exquisite beauty of the country. From the charming smaller villages around Alsace and Provence, to the culture and bustle of Paris, France’s aesthetics cannot be called into question. It’s no surprise then that compiling a list of the most beautiful golf courses in France was pretty easy – narrowing it down to the best 10 was the hard part.

So here I have compiled some of the most beautiful golf courses in France. I hope you will like it.
Belle Dune, Northern France

It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe. During your game, the course requires you to stroll through one of the largest nature reserves in Europe.
Champ de Bataille, Normandy

The stunning ancient forests surrounding Champ de Bataille temporarily blind you to the fact that this course plays a damn fine game of golf. When taking a golf break in France, this is an absolute must for the player with an eye for beauty, or just an eye for a tremendous course.
Val Andre, Brittany

When you arrive to tee off at Val Andre for the first time, it is easy to find yourself distracted by the beauty of the surroundings. IT is set against amazing land and seascapes, and with beaches and cliffs in the distance.
Les Bordes, Loire

Les Bordes needs no introduction. The surroundings of the course are idyllic countryside and provide some splendid woodland walks and exploration once the golf shoes are off.
Fontainebleau, South of Paris

This is an immaculately-kept golf course, probably due in no small part to its private, exclusive membership. The raised tees offer incredible views of the surrounding forest, which is the largest in France.
Seignosse, South West France

Very much the pick of the South Western France golf courses, the hilly terrains and raised tees offer some amazing views.
Evian, Alps

Everything about this golf course screams beauty; from the delightful layout to the well-kept fairways and greens and log-cabin clubhouse. Here you can see some splendid views of Lake Leman.
Correncon, Alps

It’s little wonder this is one of the most beautiful golf courses in France! Simply put, mountain scenery does not come more spectacular than this.
Gassin, Provence

Golf du Gassin opened in 2005 and has already established itself as one of the better golf courses France has to offer. The natural aesthetics surrounding the course are simply stunning.
Taulane, Provence

This is most beautiful golf course in France. The mountain backdrop provides an unrivalled sense of seclusion and even a bad swing day is a great golf day.


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