Venice Photos – Venice From The Above

Situated on the north side of Italy, and having a population of approximately 271,500, the city of Venice is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Sometimes it is referred to as “City of Water” and sometimes as “City of Light”. The City of Venice is one of its kind and a unique city the world over. The striking feature about the city is that it is built on a set of over a hundred submerged islands in the midst of a lagoon. To construct a city over these low lying muddy islands was a wonder, and the citizens evolved new techniques to bring fore a unique city. The early citizens made rafts from larch. Timber piles were inserted deep into the island to support the rafts. Oak and Pine wood brought from the forests of northern Veneto was used to shape the piles. This framework of piles formed a flexible and strong foundation under the solid compressed clay of the islands. Water-proof stones from Istria were used and placed on the rafts that were supported by the piles. Venice is basically a very complicated and compact city so there are not many parks and open grounds but as the city is very rich in history Venice has a number of museums which are mostly the destinations for tourists to visit. These museums display different areas and also focus on different eras of the years Venice experienced. Lets take a look at some stunning pictures of Venice city taken from the above.


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