10 Awesome Lighthouses

1. Oostende Lighthouse Belgium
From ancient times to today lighthouses are built to help ships navigate. Today with advancement of satellite technology lighthouses don’t have that much importance in sea navigation but they stand on every corner of land displaying awesome work of their builders.
In this post we have featured 10 awesome lighthouses. Provide your feedback through comments.
Oostende Lighthouse Beligium

2. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

3. Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse, Gaspèsie, Québec, Canada
Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse, Gaspèsie, Québec, Canada

4. Round Island Lighthouse
Took this sequence in the late afternoon, with winds of about 80mph blowing on the north end of Tresco. It had been quite a stormy week, and I’ve seen some big waves there in the past – but this really was spectacular. According the the Trinity House website the tower of Round Island Lighthouse is 19m (62ft), and the height of the light above mean high water is 55m (180ft), which gives you an idea of the size of the sea. I don’t believe that waves of this size are common around the Scillies. 
Round Island
Round Island lighthouse in storm

5. Amble Harbour Lighthouse
Amble Harbour

by Ray Byrne

6. Svörtuloft

7. Unknown

8. Ventotene, Italy.
Ventotene Italy Lighthouse

9. The Lighthouse of “the edge of the world” (Pointe Saint-Mathieu), Finistère, France
(Pointe Saint-Mathieu), Finistère, France

10. Alki beach Lighthouse in West Seattle
Settle Lighthouse


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