The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to Live

This could be used to decide on a job you were thinking of taking out of state, a place to get an idea on where to purchase that second house, or simply to just visit. First we will start out with
The Top 5 Best Places to Live,
not in any order.

Charlotte, NC

1 charlotte 8322 550wm The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to Live
The same qualities that appeal to visitors have made Charlotte one of the Southeast’s premier places to live. More than 500,000 people reside within our borders, approximately 1.3 million within the metro area, and 6 million within a 100-mile radius. We’re home to 292 of the top Fortune 500 companies and more than 340 foreign firms. Financial experts know us as the nation’s second largest banking center (next to New York City), with more than $362 billion in banking assets. The nation’s fifth largest urban region, Charlotte and environs have attracted more and more people who want to become part of our team.

Austin, TX

2 Austin2 The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveHip and trendy, although in a ventage way, Austin is very high-tech and laid back. Austin is simply not like the rest of Texas. From the quirky cast of characters that populate Congress Avenue to burnt orange-clad University of Texas students, bats to Longhorns, four-star restaurants to down-home barbecue joints,
corporate CEOs to a struggling musician, Texas’ capital city stands apart from the rest. Austin became home to many large employers, in the 1990s.
The city is the cultural and economic center of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area with a population of over 1.5 million. Austin was selected as the #2 Best Big City in “Best Places to Live” by Money magazine in 2006, and the “Greenest City in America” From the cleanest lakes, to cliff diving, or from the warm hospitality you will receive, Austin is a wonderful place to live and or visit.

Albuquerque, NM

3 Albuquerque Bridge%2C New Mexico The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveThe largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque boasts a unique multicultural heritage Native American, Hispanic & Latino, Anglo history and other cultural influences become a part of everyday life. During the 21st century, the Albuquerque population continues to grow rapidly, the city proper and metro area population have both increased 13% from 2000 to 2006, and this is expected to continue through more years to come. Most residents are attracted to Albuquerque’s sunny and dry climate. Brilliant sunshine defines the region, averaging more than 300 days a year; periods of variably mid and high-level cloudiness temper the sun at other times. The city has four distinct seasons, but the heat and cold are mild compared to the extremes that occur more commonly in other parts of the country.

Grand Rapids, MI

4 Grand Rapids MI The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to Live
When you move here, it is said that you will become one of the many who swear they will never live anywhere else. Many young people leave Grand Rapids for the Detroit area, to further their studies perhaps, or the lure of a job, but most hanker for their town, and they return. So, what makes Grand Rapids a place that brings out such loyalty? Could it be its ever so breathtaking beauty, no matter the season? Perhaps the unique homes that have been built here, including some famous Frank Lloyd Wright homes, or perhaps it’s the exquisite downtown area where people of all ages come together as one? Grand Rapids is definitely a popular place, whether you’re a newcomer or a long time resident. There’s lots to do, right in the town, or just minutes away; including Binder Park Zoo, an authentic African experience in Battle Creek. This zoo features one of the nation’s largest herd of giraffe! With over 600 animals in a lush forest setting, this is not your typical zoo! Another popular place is the Blandford Nature Center, with its woods, ponds and streams preserved within the city. The animal exhibits and trails are open year round.

Del Mar, CA

5 Del Mar CA The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to Live
In 1882, the Southern California Railroad began its new route from San Diego to San Bernardino. A man by the name of Theodore Loop, who worked for the railroad, instantly fell in love with what he called “the most attractive place on the entire coast.” He and his wife, Ella, built a tent city on the beach, which Ella called Del Mar after a popular poem titled, “The Fight on Paseo Del Mar.” Today, Del Mar remains one of the most beautiful destinations along the Western Coastline. The City consist of two square miles of coastal land and has a population around 4,500. Del Mar offers a beautiful, 2.5 miles stretch of Sandy Beach. Excellent conditions for surfing, boogie boarding, swimming and just lounging in the sun. Dog lovers will enjoy bringing their dogs to the Dog Beach to run free (limited time of year). Visitor’s can enjoy a leisurely picnic at one of the two parks adjacent to the ocean. The Powerhouse Community Center is a wonderful community asset for private and community events.

Although listed above are the Top 5 in the United States there are many other cities in which you would love to live in. These include: San Antonio, TX., Greenville, SC., Tulsa, OK., Stevens Point, WI., Huntsville, AL., Seatle, WA., Destin Beach, FL., Las Vegas, NV., Savanah, GA., Nashville, TN., and Knoxville, TN.. I hope this has been a useful and knowledgeable time for you.
Now for the Top 5 not-so-great places to live in.

New Jersey

6 Jersey The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveFirst of all New Jersey has two of the highest crime areas in the nation. Trenton and Newark have both made the list of the highest amount of crime, which despite efforts does not seem to be getting any better. Another reason is because New Jersey happens to have s
ome of the highest taxes in the country. It seems that each year they get higher and higher, and in most cases cause people not to be able to afford their house anymore. That leads me to reason number three which is the price of homes in New Jersey is absolutely ridiculous. A one-bedroom condo is priced at one hundred thousand dollars and up. One hundred thousand dollars for a condo will probably one get you a place in some of the higher crime areas. In order to actually be able to afford living in some of the nicer areas you can expect to pay a whole lot more. The fourth reason why New Jersey should make the worst place to live list is because of how overcrowded it is.

Miami, FL

7 Miami skyline The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveLarge areas of Miami are no longer a good place to live. Crime is high, quality of life has plummeted, schools are struggling, people are not friendly or respectful, and worst of all…you better speak Spanish to get along. For the third consecutive year Miami has been voted the worst American city for road rage, according to a new survey. The sunny Florida metropolis topped the poll of 25 cities because its drivers were the least courteous and most likely to run red lights, speed, text and talk on cell phone while driving. Palm Beach is different than Miami, which sits in its gorgeous aqua water with half-built and abandoned condos, a shrinking job market, a tough time getting insurance against hurricanes and a job problem. Yes, you can get a good deal, but do this only if you don’t need the appreciation from the home in the next decade. Rat infestations due to the heavy bull dozing of land, and street gangs forming to claim drug territory(more population equals more drug sales).

Houston, TX

8 houston commercial office space The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveAccording to the report, this is how Texas ranks among the 50 States today:
* 1st Percentage of Uninsured Children
* 2nd Income Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor
* 1st Percentage of Population without Health Insurance
* 47th Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Scores
* 50th Percentage of Population over 25 with a High School Diploma
* 50th Percentage of Non-Elderly Women with Health Insurance
* 44th Rate of Women Aged 40+ Who Receive Mammograms
* 47th Rate of Women Aged 18+ Who Receive Pap Smears
* 5th Cervical Cancer Rate
* 43rd Women’s Voter Registration
* 49th Women’s Voter Turnout
* 44th Percentage of Eligible Voters that Vote
Add to this list that Texas has the highest rates for home insurance, 25% higher than 2nd place Louisiana. (See The Most Expensive States To Insure Your Home 2005 by Forbes Magazine.) Deregulation of electricity has resulted in skyrocketing electricity costs costs have soared by an average of 39% in just one short year once again as a result of deregulation.

Los Angeles, CA

 The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to Live
Fires, freeways are just two small negative parts that make L.A. It was also called the most polluted city in the country by the American Lung Association. Everyday you will be bumper to bumper in traffic for L.A. is the worst traffic congestion in America. Gangs of course everywhere love LA. Crime rate increased over the past five years.

Detroit, MI

10 renaissance center detroit mi The Top Five Greatest Places to Live and Not to LiveMorgan Quitnos annual reference book on crime stats ranks Detroit the most dangerous city in America. With the decline of the auto industry and Motown, Detroit has been a blighted ghost. City boosters tried to fix it up for the Superbowl in 2005, but it didn’t quite live up to expectations. Detroit holds the distinction of currently being the most dangerous city in the nation. More than 30% of its residents live below the poverty level. Abandoned buildings and garbage and vermin infested vacant lots cover an unoccupied area roughly the size of San Francisco.
Detroit has lost almost half of its population since the 1950’s, and as if “living” in Detroit weren’t bad enough, even the dead are leaving as more and more people are digging up relatives that are buried in Detroit and moving them elsewhere, just so they do not have to risk their own lives by returning to the city to pay their respects!

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