Top 5 Popular Hotels in Europe

Whenever you think about holidays you think about hotels that can take care of your accommodation and provide you with ultimate holiday experience. Well, some hotels talk a lot about their services but you can only find the truth when you stay there. However, some hotels in Europe are certainly keen on providing more than what they could for their customers and here we will take a quick look at the top 5 popular hotels in Europe.

1. Auberge De La Quatr’heurie – Beze, France

(photo: Koifaire)

France still remains the number one country in the tourist list and therefore you will find some of the best hotels of Europe here in this country. The Auberge De La Quatr’heurie is only for those who can afford the best luxuries for a good price. There is every facility that you can think of here at the hotel. The rooms have double bed, double toilets and bathrooms too. The area surrounding the hotel looks like a classic village and transforms your mood completely so that you forget all your worldly stress.

2. Les Tourelles – Le Crotoy, France

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Another top European hotel falls in France and Les Tourelles has been on the top hotels list for many years now because of the kind of services and hospitality they provide to their guests. The space around the hotel is
really huge and you will find that this hotel has everything for every member of your family. Your kids will enjoy the kids area that is especially made for them so that adults can enjoy their private moments too when the kids are away.

3. El Juncal – Ronda, Spain

(photo: Virtual Tourist)

If you are visiting Spain you should take a halt at El Juncal that will help you to enjoy your holidays in a better way. Although, El Juncal sounds like a Spanish hotel, but it will provide you all European treats that you would like. It has a pool side for every room so that you can enjoy the view outside your window.

4. Portixol Hotel – Palma, Mallorca

(photo: Mallorca)

If you love to stay close to the sea you can check in to Portixol Hotel where you can get a room from where you can enjoy Scandinavian seafront hotel. The hotel is right next to the seafront and therefore you can always enjoy the cool sea breeze and enjoy your holidays.

5. Finca Buenvino – Aracena, Spain

(photo: Directa)

If you want to stay close to the nature then go for Finca Buenvino when you are in Spain. This hotel is located in forest mountains of Andalusia and therefore you will find a lot of greenery all around you.


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