Top 10 Beautiful Places in China

China is one of the beautiful country and has several beautiful places which must see. This country is in the region of Asia, Here in this article I arrange top ten most beautiful places, which are as under. I hope you will also like it.

01: Great Wall of China

Great wall of China is included in the list of wonder of the world. This wall has great achievement of China, its length of more than 5000 Kms, and china built this wall defensive from invaders from the north. This is great achievement of architecture.
Great Wall of China02: The Beijing Zoo
The Beijing Zoo is one of the beautiful place in china and it contain various kinds of animals which is more than six thousands and all are so beautiful, so if you come in china must see this beautiful place.

03: The Li River Scenery

The Li River Scenery is also one of the ideal place for tour and this  place is one which is full of fun and entertainment. This river is flows via five states which increases its beauty.

04: Bad People Hanging coffin

Bad People hanging coffin is one of the interesting place in china, it is one of the ancient history, its so amazing to see that one hundered and eight people hanging coffins which is so different in the world.

05: Yangtze River

Yangtze river is also one of the beautiful place in china, this is a water route and so interesting place for tourist as well as it is a business route for east and the west. If you come in china must see this beautiful place.

06: Mountaineering

China has a many mountain which are too high and there are nine mountain which are more than 8000 meters high, this area shows many beautiful sceanes.

07: Martial Art

Martial Art in china from last many years, if you came china must enjoy the martial art, and number of people comes to participat in it from other countries.

08: Acrobatic Shows

Acrobaic shows provides full of fun to the tourist, these acrobatic shows performing all over the world, so you must see this show in shanghai centre on Nanjing Si Lu.

09: Qinghai Lake [Xining]

Qinghai Lake is one of the beautiful place in china this lake is one of the larges lake of salt water, this is so amazing place to see and which is more fourty million years ago, so must see it in you life.

10: Gulangyu Xiamen

Gulangyu is one of the beautiful city of china, and Gulangyu is include in the list as one of the nation’s major scenic spots. It is so amazing place for visit and fun and entertaining for the tourist.


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