Las Vegas, The Other Side of The Medal: Underground Catacombs

Most of us know a Las Vegas by its glorified casinos, hotels and other attractions that makes us to believe Las Vegas is one of the places that we should visit once. But, life is teaching us that almost every medal has two sides.
Living_01 []
Here you can see some photos of people who’re living in underground catacombs in Las Vegas. While some are spending millions in casinos and on expensive parties few blocks away, others are struggling every day for a basic existence, they’re struggling to live.
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They live in very hard conditions, as you can see. This winter will be especially hard for them. But they do not lose their pride and their faith. While looking on these photos you’ll find there a note with the title: “Dieing is
easy and living is hard”, which tells you enough about their dedication to survive and fight for a better tomorrow.
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