Paris Beaches On The Streets

One of Paris’s several tourist attraction is this artificial beach called “Paris Beach”. The special thing about this beach is that it is built in a section of the pedestrian bank by the river Seine in the middle of Paris. It’s has become a huge success; more and more visitors are coming each year, and the record was in the summer of 2007 with 4 million beach visitors.
paris beach 1
The beach contains tons of sand that gets imported, and there are full sized palm trees, chaise-lounges and beach chairs to create the feeling of a “real beach”. By the beach there is a walking passage where you also can ride a bike, and it looks kind of weird with such a narrow beach right by.
paris beach 2

paris beach 3
paris beach 4
paris beach 5
paris beach 6
paris beach 7
paris beach 8
The only thing that is missing is the water, because the river is isolated from the beach so it is impossible for the visitors to take a swim to cool down.


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